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When someone you care for is in distress, the urge to reach out to them is instinctive. The healing power of simple human touch is something that’s been well known for centuries. A hug between parent and baby, holding hands with a lover and putting a reassuring arm around a friend are all common forms of bonding and showing affection. Holistic therapies that use touch are some of the most effective for providing mental and emotional support.

Physical contact releases oxytocin, which makes you feel happier and more positive about life in general. It’s also been shown to make people kinder, more generous and have stronger empathy towards others. In turn, dopamine and endorphins are released when you’re feeling good - these can reduce feelings of physical pain.

Reiki is a spiritual form of healing that doesn’t involve any physical manipulation, injections or medicines. It’s a traditional Japanese technique that focuses on ‘chakras’, which are energy points around the body. You remain fully clothed at all times, with no pain, discomfort or other side effects involved. The Reiki Healer becomes a vessel for positive energy, which flows out of the palms of the hands on contact. By laying hands on the body, life force energy is directed to heal and restore inner balance. Reiki is recognised as a complementary therapy and treatment for pain, worry and emotional distress.

Anxiety and stress

Research has shown that Reiki helps to reduce both stress and anxiety. As well as giving you the positive emotional benefits of touch, it also encourages you to calm your breathing.

Cancer treatment

The emotional and spiritual impact that cancer can have on the body is relieved by Reiki treatments. It doesn’t treat the cancer itself, but could make you feel better and help you cope with difficult situations.

Chronic conditions

Dealing with a chronic illness day-to-day is both physically and mentally challenging. The relief and comfort of touch through Reiki treatments can reduce aches and pains, worries and fatigue.

Confidence and self-esteem

Increased self-esteem is one of the strongest emotional benefits of Reiki. You’ll leave each treatment mentally refreshed and feeling much more positive about the future.


Reiki is very similar to hypnotherapy in that it encourages calm and deep thought. The positivity encouraged by treatment can lower feelings of sadness and depression.

End-of-life care

When someone is nearing the end of their life, the most important thing is that they’re comfortable, relaxed and as free from pain as possible. Reiki can form part of palliative care to help with pain relief and emotional suffering.

General wellbeing

When you’re in a good mood, life simply feels better. Reiki can reduce feelings of anger and upset, loneliness, irritability and sadness from the very first treatment session.


The relaxation and comfort that reiki can create throughout the body puts you in a better frame of mind for sleeping. Even when it’s not the reason for the treatment, people who are healed through Reiki often say they sleep better as a result.

Mental health

The connection between Reiki and improved mental health is one that’s been well-established through studies and research. Calm thought and introspection can sweep away negativity and give you a more confident outlook on life and personal situations.

Panic attacks

In the same way that you’d seek a hug or comforting words when you’re upset, you could benefit from the calming power of Reiki during a panic attack. Reiki is also recognised as an alternative treatment for PTSD.

Recovery from surgery and illness

For either pain relief or mental support, you could benefit from reiki sessions after a serious injury, illness or surgery. The relaxation you’ll experience will also help your physical recovery.

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Results may vary between individuals and the time taken to get results also varies. All medical and psychological conditions will require a doctor’s referral. The results are achieved by combining lifestyle changes and following the personal advice given.

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